Happy Winter Solstice

I just wanted to take a minute to wish everyone a happy winter solstice.

For those of you who are new to Satanism, it’s important to remember that there’s nothing Christian about Christmas, except the name itself. Most of the traditions we associate with Christmas have their origins in earlier pagan winter solstice celebrations.

Even the date of December 25 was deliberately chosen by the Catholic Church to commemorate the birth of Christ because of its association with the roman sun God (Mithra) Mithras. All of this was done by the church in an attempt to convert pagans to Christianity by integrating their pagan holidays and traditions into the new Christian religion.

DIR Episode 17: Afterlife Part 2

Episode 17 transcript:

Episode 17: Afterlife Part 2
This is Dark Illumination Report Podcast episode 17. The views expressed on this podcast are the views of the podcast host only. The host neither represents nor endorses any specific Satanic organization or tradition. If you enjoyed the show please take a moment to leave us a review on Itunes and please tell a friend. I’d really appreciate it. You can also follow me on twitter at rjwo15. If you have questions or comments you can leave us a message at speakpipe.com\dirpodcast.

Hey everybody, thanks for joining me for another episode of the podcast. This episode is going to be a continuation of the podcast episode we started last week, which was the discussion about life after death. I have to be honest right from the start and tell you that this is not the most comfortable topic that I’ve ever discussed on this podcast. As a general rule I believe that people should only discuss life after death with people who they really know well and whom they trust. But since I promised to do this podcast to help others who may be struggling, I’m going to try to do my best to give you a little bit of insight into what I believe and hopefully it will help you along the way.

My beliefs are pretty simple and straight-forward as far as what I believe the afterlife is all about. I believe Satan’s Kingdom, or the Demonic Realm, is a place that is very similar to the Greek concept of the Underworld. I believe there are places of pleasure and places of punishment. And the places of pleasure are reserved for those who served the Gods honorably and the places of torment or punishment are for those who have disrespected the Gods in some way. And of course by “disrespect” I don’t mean in the Christian sense that we drank too much or we had too much sex or anything like that. I’m specifically speaking about people who deliberately broke their promises to the Gods or deliberately pretended to have contact with the Gods. And by “the Gods” I mean the Demonic spirits and Satan Himself, of course, when we’re talking on this podcast.

Now before we continue I want to be perfectly clear about something. When I say that I think Satan punishes those who have disrespected Him or have misrepresented Him in someway, I want to make it clear that that’s my opinion or my belief. It’s not verified by any material. Although some of the texts that I believe in clearly state that Satan punishes people for reasons that He alone knows and that He does have places of punishment set aside for those people. But it says that only He knows the reasons why he punishes people. So, this is just my speculation and I want to be clear about that, or my opinion, or whatever, and I don’t want anybody to think that I’m trying to speak for Satan. Just as an example I would hope that those people who pretend to channel spirits and who mislead people in Satan’s name would be punished for their deeds, but I have no absolute evidence that happens. It’s just something I believe and I hope to be true.

So what exactly am I talking about when I say “the Demonic Realm?” I’m just using that term as a generic term to make it easier for us to have a conversation, to have some common ground. What I mean by the Demonic Realm is the Spirit World, the place where Satan and His Demons reside. Satanists may choose to call this place by many names, whether it be Orcus, the Abyss, Hell, Hades, or what have you. But simply put, it’s the spiritual place, or the spiritual dimension where Demonic spirits and the dead reside that serve Them.

I believe there’s anecdotal evidence to suggest that there are certain groups of people who are granted permission from Satan to reincarnate into this life and serve Him in multiple lifetimes. What the criteria is I can’t say. I don’t really know. But I do believe there’s enough evidence to suggest that this does happen.

In my experience there are two distinct characteristics about this realm that almost seem at odds with each other. First, the realm seems to be influenced by the thoughts of the people perceiving the realm and the thoughts of the spirits or the will of the spirits in the realm. It’s constantly changing and morphing to fit the thoughts and moods of the people in the realm. But there are also distinct characteristics that stay the same regardless of who is witnessing these things. There seems to be specific landmarks that are in these locations that don’t change or don’t seem to change regardless of who sees them and how much time goes by. Now I want to be very clear about something. I don’t claim to be an expert on this subject. I’m just telling you what I’ve experienced and what I think based on what I’ve experienced.

I also said that I was going to tell you the reason why I believe this is a real place and its not just a subjective reality or a subjective universe. It’s an objective place, an objective reality. The reason I say that is because one of the places I experienced in this particular realm or in this particular state was a place that a friend of mine also experienced when she was a child although she lives 5000 miles away in a different country. That’s one of the ways that we knew we both had contact with the Demonic spirits, because we realized that we had both been to the same location even though we had never met each other. In the past I’ve also seen writings by people who seem to be describing the same place as well.

If it seems like I’m being somewhat vague about this subject it’s because I am. As I said, I don’t feel particularly comfortable talking about it. I believe it’s a very personal and very private thing. And I think it’s something that’s best left for people to explore on their own, but I feel like there’s not many places where you can get good advice on this subject, so I’m just trying to give people some insight into what I’ve experienced. You can take whatever I say however you want to honestly. I can’t tell you what to believe and I can’t tell you that what I’ve experienced is an objective reality for sure. I can just tell you that based on the writings I’ve seen from others, based on the experiences of my friends, and based on my own experiences, there does seem to be some truth to all of this. But what you will experience, I cannot say. And I hope that you’ll find this information helpful, and that it will help you along your own path.

Anyway, that’s it for today guys. I hope you enjoyed the episode, I hope it helps somebody, see ya next week.


Episode 16: Satanism & Life after Death Part 1


Episode Transcript:

Episode 16: Satanism & Life After Death Part 1

This is Dark Illumination Report Podcast episode 16. The views expressed on this podcast are the views of the podcast host only. The host neither represents nor endorses any specific Satanic organization or tradition. If you enjoyed the show please take a moment to leave us a review on Itunes and please tell a friend. I’d really appreciate it. You can also follow me on twitter at rjwo15. If you have questions or comments you can leave us a message at speakpipe.com\dirpodcast.

Hey everybody, thanks for joining me for this episode. Before I get started on the main topic today I want to make a few announcements. I wanted to let everybody know that we do now have transcripts for episodes 11 through 15 and we should have transcripts for all episodes hereafter so if you’re interested in that they’ll be available at my website at RJWomack.com. And I also wanted to let everybody know that even though I don’t always respond to email or Facebook messages, I do listen to your suggestions and I do take on board what you say. And I’m going to be implementing some of those things shortly. So I just wanted to let you know that I may not always respond but I do appreciate your feedback and I do listen to it.

There’s also one other thing I’d like to mention. I’d like to take a moment to recognize those people who are active duty military or who have served in the military who also happen to be Satanists. I meant to do this last week during Veteran’s Day but I just didn’t get the chance. I think a lot of people tend to overlook the fact that there are many veterans and many active duty members of the military service that are Satanists. And they serve our country and I think they need to be recognized and honored, especially the Satanic ones because they don’t get recognized like the Christians do. They get overlooked and a lot of the Christian soldiers get a lot of praise and a lot of honor and a lot of recognition. And our soldiers don’t get recognized at all for the service they provide. And I think it’s important as a Satanic show to recognize those people. And I just want to tell you from me personally I appreciate your service and I respect the job that you do.

In this episode I’ll be answering a question about the Satanic afterlife or the beliefs that Satanism holds about the afterlife. The first and most important thing you need to realize is that there is no universal view of the afterlife, there is no universal concept of creation, there is no universally accepted sacred text. This is something that all newbies to Satanism need to understand because if you come across a group that says “This is the way it is, this is the only way it is; our way is the true way,” then you’re probably dealing with a group that is a cult, and you’re probably dealing with a group that is not truly Satanic. When you have any group that tells you that their way is the only way or is the “true” way in Satanism, that is NOT true. It’s never been true.

Everything we know about Satanism, everything we know about the history of Satanism, shows that people’s views have varied from county to country and from group to group and there has never been a universally accepted belief about any of these topics. So that’s the first thing you need to understand. It’s very important that you understand that so that you don’t get manipulated and used. What one chooses to believe is highly personal. It is a personal choice that every Satanist has to make. You have people who have the atheistic view and you have people who have the 13th century Luciferan view that Satan will recapture Heaven and sit on the throne of “God.” So, the beliefs about the afterlife among Satanists vary widely and they basically cover any set of beliefs you can think of. I mean there are people who believe that there is a place where Satan exists but there is no Christian god, and there are people who believe that Satan exists and he’s the supreme God and there is no afterlife. There are people who believe that the purpose of Satanism is to get people to sin and then get people to burn in Hell. Although that’s a small minority, there are people who believe that out there.

There are essentially two types of people: people that make up their beliefs and decide what they believe based on what they think and people who make up their beliefs based on what they’ve experienced. And the people who make up their beliefs based on what they experience, although they may not be any better than the people who make up their beliefs because in all honesty, even if we have experiences with spirits, even if we have visions, even if we have dreams, even if we have things that come to us in meditative states or ritual states, whatever we’re seeing is just the tip of the iceberg. So there’s no way that any of us can really know that much about the afterlife. We’re always going to just be seeing the basic minimum of what we can know about the afterlife until we cross the threshold of death. So that’s one of the things that I think is very important to point out, is that you have to understand that whatever you experience is only a small piece of what the reality of the spirit world is, so whatever you’ve experienced, you can’t make sweeping generalizations about what is true. And that’s why I say that anybody with any intelligence about these types of issues will know that whatever they experienced they can’t say that’s the end-all-be-all of everything. Because whatever they’re experiencing is only their perception of those experiences. So anyone who says they know the absolute truth can’t be telling the truth, because it’s impossible for any of us to know until we pass over the threshold of death.

I’ll continue discussing this topic in the next episode, and I’ll go into what I actually believe personally about the afterlife based on what I’ve experienced and based on things that I’ve learned from friends of mine who’ve also had similar experiences. And that will help you to understand at least what my view is and why I have that view. Anyway, I hope that you have a good week this week and I’ll see you next time. Thanks guys.